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  1. Uncontested divorce: you agree on all issues and nothing is disagreed upon.  You may be able to represent yourself in this matter.  Consider meeting with a divorce attorney for a consultation to ensure you have all of the legal documents to proceed.
  2. Divorce mediation: you and your spouse do not agree on all the issues and need a neutral third party to help you negotiate a settlement outside of court.  You and/or your spouse may choose to hire divorce attorneys to advise you of your legal interests during the process.
  3. Litigation: you and your spouse file your divorce paperwork with the Clerk of Court for the County you live in and your matter is public record.  You and your spouse do not agree on the issues and need a Judge to make the decisions for you.
  4. Collaborative process: you and your spouse have divorce attorneys to represent your legal interests outside of court.  You and your spouse enter into a Participation Agreement outlining the dos and don’ts of actions that will occur during the process. The Agreement includes an accountability provision that indicates that should the process be unsuccessful, you and your spouse would not be able to use the divorce attorneys chosen during the process and will need to litigate and allow a Judge to decide the outcome.

When contemplating a divorce, know your options and choose the route that best suits your needs.
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