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Leading Family Adoption Legal Services in Fort Lauderdale

Are you considering expanding your family through adoption? At KWG Family Law and Mediation, we are committed to smoothing your path to adoption. Renowned as a leading Adoption Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, our expertise lies in navigating every aspect of the adoption process. This ensures that you can concentrate on the most important aspect – welcoming a new member into your family.

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Stepparent Adoption

Florida law has a simplified process to expedite stepparent adoption cases such as a waiver of the time and expense for a home study. Stepparent adoption secures the stepparent’s legal rights to raise the child as his or her own child.
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Relative adoption

If you desire to adopt a grandchild, niece, nephew, or other close family member, relative adoptions bypass some of the lengthy Florida adoption requirements.
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Same-sex adoption

Florida permits same-sex marriages and adoptions. Some lesbian couples have opted to use sperm donor banks and benefited from Florida’s expedited process for these types of adoptions. Other same-sex couples have used birth mothers, chosen an adoptive child or have listed themselves as available adoptive parents for a birth parent to choose.
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Newborn and infant (domestic)

There are additional requirements in Florida for newborn adoptions that must be adhered to for a valid adoption.

Foster Children Adoption

There are many children whose parental rights have been terminated and are in need of a forever family.

Interstate Adoption

If you reside in Florida and desire to adopt a child from another state, or if you reside in another state and desire to terminate parental rights of biological parents who reside in the state of Florida, specific requirements set forth in the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children must be met.
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International Adoption

To adopt a child from another country, the adoption lawyer must honor the termination of parental rights and adoption rules of the sending country in order to finalize the adoption in Florida.

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Adoption Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What services do you offer as an Adoption Lawyer in Ft Lauderdale?

We offer a comprehensive range of adoption services, including legal consultation, paperwork, and court representation.

How long does the adoption process take?

The duration of the adoption process can vary. As your trusted Adoption Lawyer in Ft Lauderdale, we work diligently to expedite the process while ensuring all legal requirements are met.

What are the costs involved in hiring an Adoption Lawyer in Ft Lauderdale?

Our fees are competitive and transparent. We offer various payment plans to suit your budget.

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