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Fort Lauderdale Mediation Lawyer: Easing the Stress of Divorce through Mediation

Utilizing her family mediation training, Kristen Goss helps the parties involved maneuver through the emotional highs and lows of family legal issues.

In the challenging journey of divorce, emotional stress and turmoil are common, deeply affecting both adults and children in the family. As a seasoned Fort Lauderdale Mediation Lawyer, we specialize in mitigating these impacts, particularly in situations where the custody and living arrangements of children are at stake. The stress intensifies when parents struggle to agree on a Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Schedule. In such scenarios, the court may have to step in to decide. However, the idea of a judge determining when parents can see their children is often unsettling. Dividing a child’s time between two homes can lead to further strain and complexity. Our mediation approach aims to streamline these challenges, fostering a more harmonious transition for everyone involved.”

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KWG Family Legal & Mediation offers professional family mediation services to help resolve conflict within families. KWG has a team of experienced mediators who are trained in conflict resolution and have a profound understanding of family dynamics. KWG’s family mediation services can help you to communicate more effectively, understand each other’s perspectives, and reach a resolution that is fair and equitable for all involved. KWG’s mediators will work with you to create a safe and respectful environment where all voices can be heard. KWG Family Legal & Mediation services are confidential, impartial, and voluntary, and they can help you to resolve conflict in a constructive and positive way. 

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Family Mediation FAQ's

What is the role of a family mediator in a divorce, paternity, or modification case?

A family mediator is a neutral third party who does not represent anyone in the case. A family mediator cannot provide legal advice.  Instead, a family mediator helps the parties in a litigated divorce, paternity, or modification matter decide how they wish to settle their family legal issues.

Is family mediation mandatory?

Family mediation is mandatory if it is court-ordered. Prior to the parties attending a final hearing (trial) in front of the Judge, mediation is oftentimes ordered as a last good faith effort for the parties to attempt to settle their differences.  On the other hand, family mediation can be a method the parties decide to use on their own without a court order.

How long does family mediation last?

Family mediation ranges from 0 minutes (when the parties fail to show up to the mediation) to numerous hours depending on how long it takes to finalize an agreement in a divorce, paternity action, or modification matter. Mediation can last for more than one day to settle the issues.

How is family mediation different from collaborative law?

Family mediation is a confidential process used either during the litigation of a divorce, paternity action, or modification matter or outside of court upon the parties’ agreement to settle a family legal dispute. The people involved do not have to have attorneys representing them.  Collaborative law is a process used outside of court wherein the participants desire to resolve their divorce, paternity, or modification matter with the representation of attorneys.

Do the parties have to agree on the outcome during family mediation?

While self-determination is encouraged, if the parties cannot resolve an issue or all issues, they do not have to sign an agreement. Whatever issues are unresolved can be tabled for another time or are decided by the Judge.


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